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Discover the secrets of best-selling tan-through clothing in the world! The concept of tan-through clothing is simple. You can tan through our swimsuits during summer months, and through our fashionable sportswear all year round, no matter you are at the beach, out for boating, on vacation, or just relaxing in your yard! Tan through clothing is designed to keep you stay cool and look great without having those ugly tan lines. Tan through swimwear, tan through shirts and tan through shorts let sunlight through to your skin. You'll feel like wearing a SPF 6 sunscreen. No need for oils and lotions. No More Tan Lines!

No More Tan Lines

Imagine wearing a SPF 6 Sunscreen on the beach or in the pool. Yes, these tan through swimsuits will work as a SPF 6 Sunscreen. The secret is Microsol, a unique patented lightweight fabric that lets sunlight through your shirt or swimsuit. Forget about the greasy oils and messy lotions. You'll get a tan about as fast as you would with an SPF 6 sunscreen while have your tan through bathing suits on.

These 2 piece tan through bikinis come in variety of sizes, patterns and colors to fit your personal tastes

Tan Through Bikinis

Tan Through Shirts

All-over Tanning Make Easy

The tan through shirts make all-over tanning a easy task. The special fabric of the tan through shirts will keep you dry and cool in a hot summer day. Sports shirts including collar-less shirts, polo shirts are available in a variety of colors for men and women.

Weather you are golfing, sailing, hiking, or just relaxing in the park, these tan through shirts are guarantee to keep you cool and comfortable thanks to the open weave construction, air and water flow right through the fabric, so you will stay cooler and dryer even in the hottest days.

Men Love Tan Too

It is not suppressed that men love tan just as much as women. A natural golden tan will definitely attract more attention for men on the beach, golf course or swimming pool.

It's relatively easy to achieve upper body tan, how about get a full body tan without exposing your private body parts?

There tan through racer suits, surf shorts, board shorts and swimming shorts will solve the problem. The special lightweight material lets healthy sun rays through the fabric and giving you a natural over all body tan.

Men's Tan Through Swimwear

1 Piece Tan Through Swimsuits

Get the Perfect Tan

Some women chose to wear one piece bathing suits for modest coverage. It doesn't mean you can't get more tan on your body. These sexy 1 pc tan through swimsuits not only let through the sun light, they also come in a variety of cool designs and beautiful colors.

The 1 piece tan through swim suits are specifically designed to let your body get tanned while wearing your bathing suit, making all-over tanning as easy as walking on the beach without leaving ugly visible tan lines.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: If you find that you need a different size or a different color, we make it easy for you. If you don't like the product, just send it back for an exchange or refund, whichever you prefer.


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