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Tan Through Clothing Tanning Tips

1. Even though the tan through clothing are safe from some sun rays, you could still get sun burn while wearing the suits or shirts. Please use appropriate sun protection as  and make sure you apply sunscreen on previously unexposed skin to avoid redness and sunburn.

2. The UV rays from the sun are different during the day. The peak tanning hours are between 10:30 and 3pm where UV rays are the strongest. This can also differ depending on where you are located and your skin pigmentation. The UV rays are much stronger in tropical areas and deserts then they are in north pole. They are also stronger in mountain areas then the valleys. Different skin types can be an important risk factor to UV rays. Some skins will burn easily and hard to get tanned, while some skins never burns and deeply pigmented.

3. The tan through clothing only provide a protection similar to SPF 6 sunscreen.  To prevent skin being damaged while exposing to the sun, please use an SPF 6-10 or higher sunscreen on exposed skin. Apply SPF 12 or higher sun blocker for broad spectrum protection.

4. Making adjustment one at a time typically works better than taking everything at once. To protect you from sun burn, try  to moderate your initial exposure to the sun little by little until you get used to it and have built up a base tan. Start slowly to test out your skin and tanning experience. The natural tanning result can be achieved in no time. Put a a band-aid or something else to cover a spot of your skin under the tan through clothing, remove it after a period of time (usually a day of sun tanning), you will see the result of these amazing tan though bathing suits or shirts.

5. Remember that UV rays bounce off sand, snow, concrete, and water. Be very careful to get enough protection while fishing on the lakes, swimming in the pools or surfing in the ocean. Most of the time, you will feel a lot cooler while on the water surface. But the UR rays reflect off the surface of the water onto the skin and give swimmers or surfers a double dose of UV radiation. That's way many people get sunburn without even fell hot. Apply water-resistant or waterproof sunscreen when needed.

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